Here’s how you change people’s minds in your favor…

Believes make us who we are…what you think is moral or immoral largely depends on what you were taught to believe since childhood. Our brains associate with our believes when making decisions.

…and your biggest obstacle in convincing others is their beliefs…it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make a sale or convincing her to go out with you on a Sunday instead of going to church. What you have to understand is that you’re trying to convince someone who has gone through a whole different path through life and doesn’t see things as you do.

You will always fail if you try to change someone else’s beliefs…and even worst, you can get punched in the nose!

For instance…

If you try to convince that unemployed youth in the streets that the government isn’t corrupt, and that the government isn’t responsible for her current status, which it is, you will only end up having a very hot argument where hands will get thrown in the air if not at you, and you will eventually lose…

…yes, the government is corrupt, and totally responsible for your unemployment issue because they are stealing from us, they are doing that, and yes, you should be pissed and even call them those fucking nasty names…but the government isn’t going to change.

If you want to change, you are on your own, pal.

But really? The government? Seriously? If I say that, and tell her the government has nothing to do with her being broke, and that she is just a lazy pervert who always like blaming others, I will just have a frustrated fellow with a ‘fuck you!’ face staring at me…

Instead, what I did above is, I established a bridge and agreed that the government is as corrupt as hell, and those in power will never make it to heaven, and then I introduced another perspective that despite all the claims being true, she needs to act on her own, and change her own situation because the government will never change.

The ‘fuck you! Because am right and you are wrong and you should listen to me you twat!’ mentality won’t convince anyone…

You have to understand and then seek to be understood. You have to establish the bridge first before you can move your points and perspective to the other side. Rapport is a must.

You don’t change people. You work with their beliefs in a parallel manner…you try to understand their perspective of how they see things relative to their believes…your way must validate with theirs for any convincing to happen.

And that’s how you change people’s minds.



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